Armor Blitz is a free to play mobile game available on both android and iOS systems and is developed by HaiNet. It is a mixture of both real time lane battle and card collection (, n.d.). It also involves a bit of resource management aspects. It exhibits anime-style art as well as what they call as ‘tank girls’ who can be customized depending on the player’s whims and are sent to battle the corrupt invasion. In other words, it is the Kantai Collection but with tanks. The game also uses resources such as cores, currency, metals and oil for varying purposes.

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Why Armor Blitz Hack?

It is quite well known to both casual and heavy gamers that games of such type, though free often puts players into situations that forces them to buy in-game resources with their hard earned cash. It is a problem for many players who simply wish to play for fun or to just kill time and not wanting to spend their hard earned cash; the said players often experience slower gameplay progress due to the lack of resources.


So is there a way to solve this problem that has plagued many? Well of course there is! Our Armor Blitz Cheats or hacks, whatever you prefer, offers instant resources to your account. What more is there to search for when we can give you Free Cores, Free Metal, Free Currency and Free oil? No need for you to part with that hard earned cash that is originally meant for your family or for daily necessities.

Features of Armor Blitz Hack Tool

Apart from the free resources that our site generates for players, which you can use for in-game purposes, here are some other features of the tool.

  • Completely free – No need for your credit card because this offer is completely FREE! With this you can finish the level no sweat and you will be able to collect more anime tank girls! (If that is where you thread on. Pun very much intended)
  • Safe – The greatest fear of players worldwide is the great ‘B’ word. Nope, not the bomb jokes but the ban ultimatum given to players brave enough to use cheats or with bad conduct in-game. We will not lie to you, while using our site will give you instant resources, there is still a possibility for your account to be banned. Though we are proud to say that the odds of receiving the B ultimatum are extremely low.
  • Easy to use – No need for any unnecessary downloads as it is a web-based tool. Just crank up your web browser, punch in those numbers and watch the magic happen.
  • Works on multiple platforms – It does not matter whether or not you are using your mobile device or a computer, our site is accessible to both!


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How to use Tool



  • Choose what OS you are using (Android or ios).


  • If you are using a computer then follow the instructions written at the site.


  • Type the amount of needed resources on each specific field.


  • Click the ‘generate’ button.


  • Wait for a few moments. (Waiting time may depend on your internet speed)


  • Enjoy!