Zombie Castaways follows the story of a zombie, who fell in love with a human girl, and his journey towards becoming a human to be with her.

The game is simulation-type or that which closely resembles real life situations, and wherein you will play the zombie’s part and complete challenges to win the heart of a special human.

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Zombie Castaways is filled with various activities and missions (e.g. growing plants, fruits, and flowers to cook Zombium, constructing renowned buildings, and decorating the island to make it look more like a human’s town). Just like any other game, though, you have to be equipped with the necessary resources to be able to complete most of the tasks.

In this game, the main zombie uses coins and zombucks to purchase the items that he needs for his place to thrive. In addition, he needs to make use of brains to get zombie-workers to help him with some activities. In general, the game is fun and easy to play, but the resources are very hard to collect.

The fact that you won’t get many resources by simply completing game tasks and challenges might just tempt you into spending real money in exchange for zombie coins, zombucks, or brains. Yes, you can watch advertisements for free brains, which are quite elusive, but one advertisement only gives you one brain which you can rent for only three hours.

Also, would it be fun to watch ads all the time? No? Fortunately for you, romantic zombie, there is a tested and undetectable software solution that provides Zombie Castaways Cheats without you having to download anything.

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